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OrganisatiesRB Biobased Institute B.V. (Rodenburg Bioploymers)

RB Biobased Institute B.V. (Rodenburg Bioploymers)

In 2000 we started experimenting with bioplastics. Still based on potato waste streams; but now using high tech technology and innovation, focussing on the second-generation feedstock. We made a shift in industry, though building on the valuable – 70 years solid – experience and network.

In 2000 we found to be ahead of our time as the bioplastic market still needed to mature. Nevertheless Rodenburg kept investing in highly innovative extrusion production processes, optimisation and extensive R&D. And now, that the market is ready, our investments are paying off: we are at the front of biobased technology, experts in biobased biodegradable compound development and production.

We consider co-creation as our strength and see partnerships as one of the success factors in the bioplastic industry. Today, the third generation is in lead, with a clear vision for the future. Sustainability is the core of our company and we commit to business with impact.


Denariusstraat 19 4903 RC Oosterhout

Ruud Schrama

Commercial Director Bioplastics
Afbeelding RB Biobased Institute B.V. (Rodenburg Bioploymers)